About Us


High Quality Management

VTCC will assist our clients in installing or modernizing elevators. We are also highly skilled in making the required improvements to machine rooms and hoist ways. To assure code compliance let us manage the work.


We are highly skilled in the services available

  • Elevator Consulting 
  • Elevator Interior Remodels
  • Job site/project coordination
  • Fire Rating
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Mechanical Room Improvements
  • Hoistway Improvements
  • Pit/Sump Pump Improvements


Our Customers are Valued

We will be providing thorough communication with the client and elevator personnel to ensure we consistently address every  specific need the job requires.

We are 'Verticle Transportation Code Compliance Management and Solution Services'.  Vtccms.com.  

Your VTCC.Company.

Contact us: Info@vtcc.company